Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Erykah Badu + Radio City Music Hall

Last Friday a group of us (no, we didnt hold hands crossing 6ave) got tickets to the Badu show and it was indeed fantabulous. Radio City is hands down my favorite venue cuz it's perfect on so many levels

Here are a few:
- the architecture's art deco take is nothing short of arrogant
- the location (51st & 6ave) is smack-dab in taxi/metro central. also a great mix of tourists and locals.
- the acoustics! there really isnt a bad seat in the place.
Of course, Analog Girl in a Digital World blew our minds....and here's a crazy story. Bahareh and i were in the nose's nosebleed (3rd Mezzanine) and sat next to this mother & daughter (the mom watched us make out every time) from - i forget. Anyway, the show was one of the daughter's Mother's Day gifts.

We got to talking and inevitably moved to the 'what do you do?' portion of small talk. The mother said she's been working at a place called SCAN for 16yrs.

I yelped and pulled my phone out of my pocket frantically scrolling through my images to show everyone why i was wigging out:

I then showed everyone the photo of Stephanie and i mocking the SCAN logo (first time we ever saw it) 4 days BEFORE the Badu show.

What a freaky coincidence.

- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

i can't handle the scan mocking. it's too funny in a really uncomfortable way.