Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The weekend review

I've been having some computer "issues" and posting has been slow lately, but here is a recap of the last few events I've attended.

Thursday: I went to a show at Smooch called "From the Source" and was blessed to see performances by Yolanda Zama, Eagle Nebuia and our sweetheart of a friend, Sarah White. The show was great and once Jelsen managed to pull himself away from work, he came to meet me. As I enjoyed the music and the sangria, Jelsen wipped out his portable workstation and zoned out. Just another perfect night in BK.

Friday: Headed to Stephanie's office for some drinks before finally getting to see Miss Erykah Badu perform live! And at Radio City Music hall! What a treat. After the show we went to the after party where Questlove was spinning. The night ended with me puking in a cab, so we can definitely call it a successful drunk night out in the city.

Saturday: Stephanie had her picture in a show and we showed up at the opening party to congratulate her.

Sunday: We finally found a new baker for our wedding and were invited to a tasting at her apartment on mother's day! Stephanie was invited along to help us decide the taste. We arrived with a bouquet of flowers and left with a box of cupcakes and sugar hiiiigh. Later we visited Rodney at the hospital and had a mean lunch at a diner nearby. No, really...the staff was So mean to us!

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