Saturday, May 17, 2008

Salt Lake City, UTAH

Since i missed my initial flight from JFK - San Diego last night i luckily got a later flight ($50) two hrs later. It wasnt a bad flight at all. I got to watch JUMPER (so so so so shitty) whilst nibbling on cheese'n'crackers.

Since the 2nd flight they gave me was delayed by 2hrs - i got a hotel voucher! How do i keep lucking out like this?
On the flight i sat next to two Moldovan exchange students. This is my very first time meeting Moldovans. They were nice enough to answer all my annoying inquiries.
Back at the hotel they came over for pizza - thanks to me they also finally discovered what pepperoni is actually made of.Before heading to the airport at 8am we took a quick drive through Salt Lake City's core - the Mormon Church.
At the airport, some fun signage:
......and THIS one made me giggle:San Diego! Here i come....
- jelsen


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i LOVE that you invited them over for pepperoni pizza, you are so freakin hilarious.