Saturday, May 17, 2008

Good Ol' Carole's

During my time in San Diego im bunking at Carole's Bed'n'Breakfast. She's a wonderful lady.
The place is nice and she has TWO of em - both across the street from each other in this quaint Cali-hood.

I'll def take more photos during my stay.

Oh, and she loved the flowers of course. *wink.
Before getting to Carole's i stopped by the liquor store and she didnt take my ID!! I know my face is faded away (its my old Miami license) but damnit i wanted mid-day boozin'.

Minor set-back. Now that im all settled in im headed to downtown.....

hint: i found a wooden roller-coaster on the beach.

i think i miss Bahareh.
- jelsen

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