Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Im proud to announce JELSEN JARGON's 1st year of sole freelance & permalance. Many thanks go out to many people.

Without some of you folks i'd eat a whole lot less, my wedding would have been a shotgun, i wouldnt experience so many midweek weekends, and i'd still be trying to convince my parents i dont need a PhD in graphic design to get ahead in this business.

Ive met tons of amazing people and talent throughout many on-site / off-site gigs. I also learned a thing or two about professionalism.

Bigups to my recruiter
Greg Christman, my friends that keep supporting and vouching for me, and all you guys that reply to my emails worldwide.

To many more relationships....

thanks again,
- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS holmes!! so happy for you, what an impressive year, wowsie.