Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Diesel's XX + X Party

After my drink-all-day saturday and Bahareh's work all day we met up and headed to Diesel's XXX party.

Confetti was on full force. Famous people too.
Bumped into a bunch of folks. Here's Fly Lady Di. And we stole some of her sweet stuff. .....and here's Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President. I dont think ive ever seen a pic of this dude not smiling. Simon was so sincere about teaching Greg and i how to do the 'To The Wiiiiirl!' move. I was [trying] to tell him the move's more like 'To The Moooooon, Sucka!'. He won.

Jess exhibited how a lady double-fists: both pinkies erect.These guys. These guys. ha.
Bahareh was convinced they were on ecstacy. When they were well into a 7min lip-lock the guy on the right turned around and leaned in to kiss me....and then tried his charm on B.

He was having proper fun.Yep - that's M.I.A.'s preggars belly. I guess most people already knew this but to me it was a surprise.

Oh, Whitney!

- jelsen

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