Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night our buddy, Whitney, invited me to go watch the balloons for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade getting inflated. We got to 77th street about 8pm, and discovered that we were far from the only ones that wanted to have a look. And for once, there was a line that was more intimidating that the Shake Shack line (which happens to have opened a new shop on the corner of where all the balloons were lined up)We took deep breaths and decided that since we're already there, we might as well get in line. Luckily, unlike 90% of the viewers, we didn't have any stroller or kids, so we managed to elbow ourselves through the crowds in less than 30mins.


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Anonymous said...

cool!! i was actually thinking last night that would be a super cool thing to see....good goin girl!