Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turkey Day, Hooray.

Bahareh + I went over to Katie's (the one smiling her ass off above) in south Slope for the festive gathering. Here are some snapshots....
The food was predictably amazing. Everyone (excluding myself) made an amazing dish. Bahareh threw in something special: a) pumpkin cheesecake, b) classic pumpkin pie & c) sweet potato pecan pie.

Who wouldnt be thankful?
We wrapped it up with Peanuts and then headed over to Doug & Nicole's party:
Those thumbs, along with that turkey, belong to to Nicole. She was so proud of her first ever turkey.

Dessert 'n' Dancin' commenced....
Jelsen's Thankful for:
- f-f-f-family
- Bahareh (being married to her, that is)
- this year being almost over

Bahareh's Thankful for:
- Jelsen (clever quirks and annoying tidbits included) and his family. I mean, OUR family.
- a magical year passed
- Katharina & Lisa for representing my Norwegian friends and family with such amazing sweetness and for always being my pillars and strength. Without these ladies, I really wouldn't be half the woman I have become.

thank you later,
Bahareh + Jelsen

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