Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Roooooooad Triiiiiiiiiiip

Guillo had the genius idea of subletting his Brooklyn apt for the upcoming 4mos winter season and moving to Miami.


I couldnt let the poor guy drive all the way down there alone, now could i?! So, i didnt. I figured it'd make for a great wknd and i could also surprise my folks down in Port Charlotte - and JetBlue it back early monday morn.
Somewhere along I95 this happened - so we removed it, which improved our gas mileage. We think.
After about 12hrs of driving [ i couldnt help drive because my license expired earlier this year ] Guillo was ready for a powernap in South Carolina.
Now, this wasnt your average EconoLodge in the Deep South.........this one had a Players nightclub across the lot. We could hear the bass the entire night. ha.Uh oh:Aaaaaaaamerica!

We made it in about 22hrs.

Fuck Yeah,
- Jelsen

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Anonymous said...

ok, how the hell did i miss all of these? i think i started crying at the letter to the unborn child and quit out. ummmm, the flying into bed photos are INCREDIBLE.