Tuesday, November 4, 2008

! Surprise !


My mother was COMPLETELY elated when she walked out of the bathroom and saw me sitting on the couch. ha.

I wish i could upload the video of it but its far too large.

My pops did a great job not letting her in on my surprise visit. They whipped up a quick meal for Guillo and i.
"When in Rome"

We had bible study....of course! Since my flight was at 6:20am my father hurried to bed before the rest of use. Check him out praying in the distance.

I havent been around religion in a minute.
Highschool Yearbook photo:
I think i said i was going to be an architect.

- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

you weren't TOO far off, you're definitely an architect of sorts. designing structures, but more 2D than 3D. and great at it i might add!