Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Know You Got Soul

Last night, the 18th Letter (Rodney) and i did our stretching routine in preparation for the night of tomfoolery that was to come. We headed to Diamond Girl & Lichiban's house warming party (i forgot to bring flowers, sorry ladies) a couple blocks up.
By far the coolest bottle opener i've ever seen. i sorta have a thing for hands.
What a mighty good time. Lots of mind elevating talk that i forgot to take notes of - but more will come! And clementines, oh my.
That's right.

- jelsen


LICHIBAN said...

just noticed the stream stirring up our mini dolphin pool! good times homie, thanks for bringing the good vibes! more to come, lichiban

Sallomazing! said...

goodness, i'm a brown girl and I look WHITE (!!!!!!) in that group shot. so fun so fun. book in the works!

Anonymous said...

haha, amazing. the 18th letter, nice. toilet seat, even nicer.

Jeannie said...

you appear to be well hydrated.