Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Virgos Attack, again & again.

Hahaha. Every time i look at this photo i cant help but think of Captain Planet - ehem, im Water. We got together for Kareem's b-b-b-bday on friday night for shits, giggles, and sashimi.
..then off to Santos! Cant get enough of sweaty dancing; you know the kind that girls arent even TRYING to look cute - they're just getting it done on the dancefloor/bathroom lines.

Oh, and Mick Jagger was there.

...and guess who we bumped into? ANOTHER fucking virgo = Jo-Ann! ha. This, fantastically, segwey'd into a birthday party invitation for the following night:
SUGAR CANE! I will never forget this woman's birthday.

Happy Birthday, great people.

next week. next week....
- jelsen

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Anonymous said...

ok, what is the deal with this same face that everyone is making. huh?