Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fashion Awards 09

I was invited to the opening show of Oslo Fashion Week and as usual it started with the award ceremony for designer of the year, this year handed out by Bjørn Bruun himself (model-acto-photographer turned founder and head designer of Bruuns Bazaar). The show had very few highlights actually (ballerinas!! little ones!!) and don't get me started on the goodie bags we received (shoe polish and water? seriously?), but it gave me the opportunity to finally step into the new Opera house in Oslo. It was too crowded to really take good pics, but you get the idea I think. You can also scoot away to the contractors official website to view more pics. The entire building is beautiful and extremely well designed (the lines, the lines!). During the summer season, they open the roof up for people to walk on (click play to see the movie showing everything off)!


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