Saturday, February 14, 2009

Moods of MTV

Friday night Lisa and I were invited to an exclusive MTV party followed by front row seats at the closing show of Fashion week. The night started with me stating that I wasn't gonna drink much, to which replied "Good luck hanging out with these guys then" and literally ended with me sliding down the hood of a strangers car very very ungracefully with my head first. Anders from MTV was the best host/drinking buddy ever and created a really entertaining night for us together with his beautiful baby's mama, Destina. There were bottles of champagne waiting for us wherever we went...and I think I managed to drink out of every single bottle popped. Bad idea it turned out right about the time I landed face down in the snow filled streets of Oslo, but I like to believe I learned a lesson. Not sure what it is yet, cuz I'm still a little drunk and can't think straight yet so I'll have to get back to you on that. But hey, look! I won an MTV award and it's true what they say, it's really heavy!

The fashion show was by Moods of Norway and probably the best organized event I've ever been to! Their theme this year was "travel" and they covered ALL areas of it. It was just perfectly tied in to everything from the sled dogs that greeted us, to the airport body scanners we walked through, to the food served to the perfect little goodie bags we got at the end (I love pajamas!). Just amazing and highly entertaining. Their business idea is followed through in all aspects of their events and designs. Check out the label in their suits (made by really really pretty blond girls) and their logo (a tractor) and their site for more goodies. Great end to Oslo Fashion Week.

(ok, this is not even halfway through the night and already I am molesting bears)


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you're pretty pretty girl, Lady.